Landlords Who Allow Pets Are Likely to See 20-30% More in Rent Than Those Who Do Not

Palm Desert – Those in Palm Desert who own investment property may be overlooking a way to increase their profitability by not adding pet-friendly units to their investment portfolios. A nationwide study conducted by FIREPAW, a non-profit organization dedicated to handling animal welfare services, found that property managers who allow animals in their rental properties are seeing an increase in their bottom line profits. Their research found that the biggest reason pet owners gave up their pets was housing issues where pets are not allowed. Even though pet owners are willing to pay more in rent to keep their animals, there is still a shortage of landlords willing to accept pets.

“Because of their ability to charge a separate pet deposit that can range anywhere from 40-85% of the rent up front, property owners who allow pets in their properties are seeing their bottom lines increase substantially,” said Lukas Krause, Chief Executive Officer of Property Management Business Solutions. “We encourage Palm Desert property managers to allow pets whenever possible as a means to assist them in achieving financial goals faster.”

The study also clearly indicates the rent differential between housing accepting animals and those who do not was 20-30% higher on average, which equates to an average overall rent for participants in the study coming in at $1070 per month. Other benefits for landlords that allow pets include:

  • Longer lengths of tenancy
  • Lower vacancy rates
  • Less marketing needed per unit
  • More applications received per unit

Most Palm Desert investment property owners have concerns about potential damage to the property by allowing pets, the noise factor bothering other tenants who may not have a pet, and worries about insurance issues. While it is true that allowing pets does come with a few increased insurance costs, the relatively small costs are offset by the premium rent received by pet friendly housing. Some damage is reported by landlords who allow pets in their units, but the cost of the damage averaged $430, which is far less than the rent deposit paid. Landlords can subtract these damages from that deposit and not be out any money. In fact, the data collected from this study shows the amounts of damage from tenants with pets is only slightly higher than that caused by tenants without pets.

FIREPAW works with landlords and property managers to help them maximize their profits while minimizing damages associated with pet friendly housing. The non-profit organization created a Companion Animal Renters Program (CARP) that offers economic assessment, needs assessment, tailor-made programs, customized pet policy, pet agreements, and a custom made pet perk package.

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