Palm Desert Property Investors Should Conduct Regular Rental Inspections

Regular inspections take a bit of your time, but they are well worth it as they protect both the Palm Desert property investors and the tenants of your homes. A one-time inspection is insufficient to provide you with consistent updates on the status of your property, to have the well-documented communication needed to ensure expectations are clear for both tenant and management, and to avoid disputes.

There are a few key times a property inspection should occur:

Before a new tenant moves in

The property management companies in Palm Desert and the tenant should all be present to evaluate and inspect the property before move in. This gives you an opportunity to clearly communicate face-to-face what state the property should be in at the time the tenant moves out. Together, you can carefully document issues and needed repairs that currently exist so a tenant knows he or she will not be held accountable for previous damage. It is absolutely vital that all of this information be documented and that both parties receive a copy of the documentation.

To address seasonal maintenance or safety needs

Certain times of the year require different types of inspections. Checking and cleaning air conditioning and furnace units before their use is seasonal. Cleaning gutters and roofs just after the winter season are good ways to keep up on regular repairs and to ensure tenants do not have issues with these things later. For responsible Palm Desert property management, rental property tenants are cared for in terms of safety as well. Safety inspections can protect your tenants from danger and protect the property owner from lawsuits.

When a tenant is ready to move out

Inspections before a tenant leaves are important as you review the documentation created before they moved in and at the time of the lease signing. Tenants should not be held responsible for damage that existed prior to their moving in, and your documentation should clearly outline what that covers. But tenants will be held responsible for not meeting the expectation also documented before their arrival.

Inspections do not need to seem overbearing to the tenants, but they are an important part of responsible Palm Desert property management. Property owners can always trust Xepco Property Management Palm Desert with a responsible inspection schedule.