Palm Desert Rental Property Management & Investment

There are many factors to consider when looking for rental property to invest in and then manage.

Here are some frequently asked questions from people who are just starting out on their journeys. Even if you have a rental property or an idea about what you want to do, it is worth it to take a look at what professionals have to say:

How much do I need to put down?

That answer depends on many factors including credit scores, equity positions in other property, down payment that is available, reserves, and income just to name a few. For a clear picture of what you will need financially to purchase a rental property, contact a mortgage or personal loan professional that can then work with you.

How do I find the right investment property for me?

Contact a Realtor who you trust, who has experience in renting, and who has knowledge of the rental property. Or hire Xepco Property Management to assist you with this process. Some areas have restrictions with renting, so you will want to check that before you do anything else. Like with all investments, contact a professional. Having the right property in the right location makes your rental property experience much better down the road

Should I have a property inspection completed?

YES! Many lenders require professional inspections. Always make sure you do your homework before you invest your hard earned money into anything. Rental property managers can schedule in-house inspections after the property is rented to maintain the property.

Remember that you will want to continue inspections throughout the time you own it.

Once I own it, how do I rent it?

There are many people that think owning a rental means you then have to deal with the tenants and the process of renting a property. If this is the question you are asking, then you need to find yourself some help. This is an investment in your future and if you don’t know the first thing about it, hire professional rental property managers in Palm Desert. They not only know and understand the process; they also have tools to help you evaluate the properties working alongside the Realtor and lender


Yes I said it, taxes. For this part, I recommend getting in touch with a CPA. Taxes can get really confusing and you don’t want to give this anything less than all of your attention. This is an investment that you want to maximize, so take it to a professional not a computer program.

The professionals of investment properties are very important people when it comes to owning rental properties, from the realtors and the rental property management to CPAs and other professionals.

Call a professional today to see if now is a good time for you to buy!