Qualities to Look For in a Palm Desert Property Manager

Qualities to Look for in a Palm Desert Property Manager - Article Banner

A beneficial property management partnership requires excellent communication, where your property manager is not only responsive, but also willing to provide clear and direct information. You need someone who is straightforward, consistent, and not afraid to deliver bad news should it be necessary. 

You also need a property manager who understands and studies California’s rental laws. It’s more complex than ever to lease, manage, and maintain a property within the long list of habitability, fair housing, and tenant protection laws. 

There are dozens of other qualities that you’ll always want to screen for before you hire a Palm Desert property management company. Take some time to research who they are and how they work. Owners should consider the services and support that a few different companies can provide, and then make a decision after talking to someone in those companies. 

Every investment property owner looks for different things, based on their own values, strengths, and weaknesses. We believe there are a handful of traits, however, that you should always look for when you decide to hire a property manager. 

Here’s where you should start.

Look for Palm Desert Property Management Experience and Expertise

You don’t want to provide training to a brand new property manager. Instead, you need a management company that has been in business for a while and understands the local Palm Desert rental market. 

Make sure the type of experience a management company has matches the type of property you own. There’s no sense in hiring a company that specializes in commercial properties and apartment buildings when you’ve got a portfolio of single-family homes. Find out where their properties are located, and where they keep offices. This will tell you if they really understand your market. 

Does your potential property manager invest in professional development? That’s an important quality. Hire a team that attends conferences and workshops. Even better – look for property managers who provide advice and education to others. Leadership in the local market and the larger industry is a fantastic quality to find in your management company. 

You Need a Commitment to Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs 

Maintaining a rental home in Palm Desert requires an effort from the owner, the tenants, and the property managers. As the owner, you need to be willing to invest in the work that your rental property needs in order to attract high rents and qualified residents. As your management partner, we need to facilitate that work, make recommendations on improvements and upgrades that may be necessary, and educate your tenants on how to fulfill their responsibilities when it comes to taking care of the property.

A necessary quality for your property manager is understanding what needs work and knowing how to complete that work in a way that’s cost-effective. 

Look for a consistent and documented maintenance process. You’ll need a property manager who can respond to routine, emergency, and preventative maintenance. 

Before you hire a management company, ask:

  • Who are the vendors? Are they in-house employees or does the property manager outsource to local professionals? 
  • How is maintenance paid for? Is a reserve fund required or will invoices be paid out of the monthly rent that’s collected? 
  • Are owners contacted for approval when a specific dollar amount is reached or is work approved by the property manager?

You’re seeking a management company that can answer these questions, explain their process, and help you see how it protects the condition of your investment. 

High Quality Property Managers Have a Willingness to Invest in Technology

Find a management company that’s willing to invest in technology. 

Owners can determine what a management company is willing to use by checking a company’s website or reviewing their online presence. When you are interviewing a management team, ask about software and accounting statements. Is there a portal for owners and tenants? 

Technology helps make leasing, management, and maintenance more efficient. It allows for better documentation and transparency. Technology can also help with communication, especially if you’re a rental property owner who doesn’t live in Palm Desert. You’ll want to be able to keep in touch, access information, and send messages at any time that it’s convenient for you.

Good technology is better for you, your property, and your tenants. You’ve found a great property manager if they’re willing to collect rent online, set up self-showings, generate syndicated listings, and get lease agreements signed digitally. 

Your Property Manager Should be a Good Accountant

One quality that is absolutely essential is attention to detail. 

This will be especially important when it comes to your money. You’ll need a management company that’s consistent in how you receive your rent. You should expect automatic deposits and a detailed accounting of what was earned and spent in a given time period.

We talked about online portals; this is essential for good financial recordkeeping. You should be able to see your lease agreement, your maintenance invoices, and a history of rental payments that were made or remain outstanding. 

At tax time, a good property manager will provide your 1099 and any supporting documentation so you can file with ease. 

Compliance with California Landlord and Tenant Laws

Legal expertise is not necessarily a quality you need in a property manager, but you do need a professional who has legal resources. Hire a property manager who understands the current laws and how they are applied to landlords and property owners. The Tenant Protection Act has delivered a lot of new regulations when it comes to:

Property Manager

You need a property manager who understands the laws and takes the time that’s required to stay current on any changes or legal challenges. Work with a management company that has good relationships with attorneys, takes classes and reads court cases, and can help you protect yourself and your property against the threat of legal claims and lawsuits. 

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